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Wing Chun Distance Learning Program

Our Distance Learning Program is designed to help anyone who has a desire to learn Wing Chun but unfortunately does not have access to an academy or an instructor in their area. So this program not only gives them the opportunity to  earn a rank in the Wing Chun system but, it will also give them the opportunity to become a certified and recognized instructor in accordance with the Wing Chun Fighting Arts Federation's ranking system as well.

Each level of the distance learning program will cover specific areas of the Wing Chun Fighting art which the student must learn and demonstrate proficiency. Learning is accomplished through a combination of modern technologies such as video learning, digital correspondence, and e-mail directly with Sifu Jimmy Manfredy to bridge the distance between student and instructors.

How the Wing Chun Distance Program Works

1. Submit the Wing Chun Distance learning application form. Pay the one time $65 registration fee. Tuition is not required for this program, but you have to purchase the required study materials. And pay the testing fee each time you test.
2. After studying and practicing the materials, record a video of yourself performing the required materials and upload to the Youtube or any video media of your choice, e-mail link to Sifu Manfredy for evaluation.
3. Sifu Manfredy will review and score your performance and skills demonstrated in your video. You will receive a certification for each level you pass, passing score is 75% or higher.
4. Time frame to complete the Distance Learning Program should take no more than 3 years and 6 months.

Wing Chun Fighting Artds Federation
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