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Jow Ga Keun

Jow Ga is a traditional style of Kung Fu that originated in Southern China

Jow Ga  developed over time by combining features of three different Kung Fu systems: Hung Ga, Choi Ga, and Northern Shaolin kicking methods.

Jow Ga join the powerful hand techniques of Hung Ga with the fast footwork and blitz attacks of Choi Ga, and the devastating kicking arsenal of Northern Shaolin to create a more comrehensive Kung Fu style.

Jow Ga Kung Fu training also incorporates the famous five animal techniques and instructs in over 18 different weapons.

Training in Jow Ga falls into four main categories:
•Forms (Empty Hand & Weapon)
•Self Defense • Sparring

Jow Ga Kung Fu is a very physically demanding style. Every class begins with stretching and an active warm up to promote flexibility and develop strength. Beginning students are advised not to worry if they feel out of shape because regular training will develop strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, and stamina more quickly than usually expected. The body will also become conditioned to both take and deliver power strikes without injury.

Empty-Hand and Weapon Forms

A form is a collection of techniques which are choreographed in a specific pattern or order. Jow Ga has over 20 traditional empty hand forms and more than 18 weapon forms. Each form teaches different techniques, fighting theories and principles to provide the student with a means to practice and gain an excellent cardo workout in the process.


It is very important for students to grasp not only the techniques of each form, but also the theories and principles that underlie the form. We help to accomplish this through numerous form application drills and exercises. Without understanding the applications, a form becomes nothing more than an intricate dance. Also, without practicing the fighting applications, a student will never be able to execute skills properly in a real life situation.

In addition, Jow ga also includes a Self-Defense curriculum outside of form training that helps prepare students for possible confrontations in the real world by applying the techniques learned in class.


Jow Ga Keun classess include regular sparring sessions to give students an opprtunity spar against classmates in a controlled enviroment; students will gain a sense of what it might be like to be attacked and are better prepared for actual combat.

Safety equipment in mandatory for sparring sessions. Advance student may participate in weapon sparring.

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