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7 Deadly Questions you should ask yourself!

#1 What would you do against a bigger stronger opponent who kicks, punches, and wrestles better than you and you have to fight?

#2 How would you handle and escaped convict from a maximum security prison?

#3 How would you react if some one was attempting to abduct your child?

#4 A group of thugs with box cutters, knives and sticks are about to swarm on you, your wife and child/ren. What would you do?

#5 You are grabbed and being dragged into an alley to be raped?

#6 You are enjoying a quiet evening at home...your door is kicked in and you find yourself in the midst of a home invasion....what do you do?

#7 How do you deal with Losing your temper and composure under the super stress of a violent confrontation. (Stress Inoculation)

If you do not have a answer for all of these situations then you are constantly at risk and at the mercy of what occurs daily and is only getting only needs to watch the evening news to realize how dangerous life is becoming...

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