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Jeet Kune Do Principles/Concepts

May 8, 2014

  • Intercepting- hitting your opponent in the process of his attack. 

  • The 5 Ways of Attack- Simple Angle Attack, Hand Immobilization Attack, Attack by combinations, Progressive Indirect Attack, Attack by Drawing.

  • Non- telegraphic movement - throwing it from where it is not repositioning.

  • Broken Rhythm- Structuring your attack with beats and half-beats. 

  • Killer instinct (attitude) - Emotional control 

  • Strong side forward- the naturally faster, more coordinated, more powerful side. 

  • Preliminary analysis- Scrutinizing your opponent's habits, virtues, and faults. (A quick scan to see who you are fighting- boxer, wrestler, kicker ect)

  • Attribute development- the drills that ultimately give technique life. They include distance, movement, timing, power, body feel, spatial relationship, and speed.

  • Exploding from neutral- Moving in a relaxed manor, on guard, and explosively attacking at the right moment.

  • Foul tactics- Biting, eye gouging, hair pulling, and groin striking.

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