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Paying Mr. Mcgetty

Our very own Sifu Jimmy Manfredy was asked to join the Stunt/ Fight Choreography team under the veteran Stuntman/ Coordinator 'John Kreng' for an up an coming movie called 'Paying Mr. McGetty' Staring 'R Marcos Taylor' (Suge Knight from Straight Outta Compton), 'Don "The Dragon" Wilson' (11 time World Champion, in 3 different weight classes) under the direction of 'Michael Baumgartem' (Director of the award winning movie 'The Martial Arts Kid').

'Paying Mr. McGetty' is a martial action comedy about a wanabe music producer who has the worst day of his life, as he trys to fight off dangerous mobsters, work a day job and collect money to pay his rent that is due!


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