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​Learn Real World Self Defense!

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones!

The Twisting Tiger system is one of the most practical self defensive systems taught today.

It combines the age-old wisdom of the "Masters of old" with contemporary principles and modern day combative techniques to provide a well-rounded modern and traditional approach to self defense.

Real World Self Defense.

Using a variety of kicks, punches, throws, chokes, holds, restraint and control techniques, you’ll learn to protect against attackers, and overpower your opponents with wisdom, cunning and leverage.

Perfected by Sifu Manfredy himself, this “real world” system balances a blend of ancient and modern techniques, principles, and philosophies to give students the ability to defend themselves in ANY situation.

You’ll learn to…


  • Defend against kicks, punches, knives and guns

  • Disable an attacker

  • Sense threats, and respond quickly to danger

  • Develop preemptive defensive techniques

  • Discipline your mind and your body

  • Free yourself from chokes and holds

  • Threat analysis and appropriate response techniques

Whether you prefer to take our Adult Self Defense program, or a program tailored exclusively for women, you will gain the confidence to protect yourself … PLUS enjoy an incredible workout that tones, tightens and strengthens your entire body from head to toe.

Find Out How to Keep Yourself Safe from Harm...

We will provide all the fun, motivation and martial arts expertise you will need.


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