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Our Vision

At the Twisting Tiger Kung Fu Academy, we take the greatest care to provide our students with the highest quality Martial arts training, personalized to their every unique needs, we equip our students with Kung Fu styles as handed down by the original Masters; besides promoting physical and mental well-being for youths and adults, our programs allow kids to build confidence while providing them with the discipline that will carry them throughout their lives.


Our one-on-one training empowers students to advance and progress through different levels of martial arts and self-defense training.

Twisting Tiger's vision is to provide the best Martial Arts instruction possible. We aim to cooperate with other open access schools and instructors, we're always trying to upgrade our own training methods, provide the best advice in physical fitness and conditioning, provide a family oriented environment to be around and provide an experience you will want to come to week after week, year after year!

Martial arts itself is about the journey and who you become along that journey, not just about the destination. We offer the complete package that no other schools can match; come in and compare for yourself!

At the present time Private classes are available by appointment only on the weekend.

Come join us and begin your journey; we promise you enjoy every step of they way!
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